Red Parrot

It was a normal Sunday afternoon. A normal day accompanied by rituals that were practiced daily. That’s the thing about significant events most of them live amongst the dense crowd of normal events. That’s how significant events become significant. It’s like a gold nugget surrounded by other mundane rocks. Continue reading “Red Parrot”


Key and Peele


Explaining a joke takes all the fun out of it. So I am going to do exactly that.

Key and Peele is a sketch show [ that is both available on TV and youtube] that I really really love. They have really funny sketches so eventually one wonders ‘ whats the deal here? Why is it so funny?’.

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Happy Birthday

It was around 11:50 pm when a knock on my door woke me up.
I walked up to the door to investigate the source of that knock. I was greeted by Bharat uncle, wearing his suit (as always) which complemented his powerlifter like body.
” Your father wants to see you. In his office”
” In his office? are you sure?” I asked
” yes.” Continue reading “Happy Birthday”