Why smart people are more capable of evil.

The intrinsic battle between good and evil in a man is the one that troubles him the most. We realise that we are not complete good or complete bad but somewhere in between so our efforts lie in being on the good side of the scale.

The question arises ‘ who is a good man?’.

A man who is inherently good or who is incapable of imagining evil is not really a good man and in the same way we cant blame an inherent evil man who is unaware of his evil disposition, that would be equivalent of accusing a blind man for not being able to see.( more than often we are both the blind man and the accuser)

The real task would be to be good when given a choice between good and evil and to realise that one has to be smart.

Only when you are smart enough does the choice of good vs evil appear and only then you chose something. It is a greater deal for an evil person to be good than a good person to be good.

If one is capable of evil and still doesn’t practice it only then is he a good man. Evil men are those who choose to be evil. Sometimes the line between good and evil is thin or blurry and one can only act through intuition or instinct it is then that the inherent good or evil in a man is revealed.

“ Why be good?” is a question I often ask myself. The only rational answer that I can think of so far is that it’s just easier and lucrative. Good and evil are man made tools that we use for us and ‘us’ is built from individuals so we use those tools for individuals. Any choice by its own comes with series of causes and effects that is not attached with good or evil, it is our human nature to look at events through the lenses of good and evil.

“ What is good and what is bad?”

Good is something that benefits either you or people around you and evil is something that harms either you or people around you.

Since good and evil is an idea, it changes from people to people ( perspective to perspective) and from time to time. One who does evil which is under the disguise of good is still good as he was unaware of the nature of his action and chose what seemed to be good from his limited perspective or information(or thinking capability). This leads to many contradictions and conflicts where intent of good often leads to evil.

The differentiate between good and evil is the conflict in every hero’s life( you are the hero). There is no good or evil as such but there is profitable and non profitable decisions. Our brain is not capable enough to compute that, some small evil acts gives birth to greater good acts and some good acts give way to huge evil acts. The only thing you can do is to take the best decision from the limited information that you have and keep doing that and hope that everything just balances out.



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